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Shelter staff provides veterinary care, food, water, clean bedding and a clean and sanitary environment to nearly 13,000 animals every day, every year.  Services provided for animals 365 days-a-year include physical examination, health and temperament assessments, medical treatment for special needs, vaccine and parasite treatment, rabies quarantine observation and humane euthanasia.   Placement of adoptable animals is done through cooperative efforts between MADACC and southeast Wisconsin humane societies, approved regional breed rescue groups, and wildlife sanctuary centers.

On any given day, the staff cares for approximately 260 animals housed at the facility.  At full capacity, the building is capable of housing up to 172 dogs and 200 cats.  In emergency and special need situations, an additional 50 cages can be utilized making the total shelter capacity well over 400 animals.

Veterinary Care
Upon being admitted to the shelter, stray animals are given a physical examination and an assessment of their health status by staff veterinary technicians.  Through an agreement established with the Animal Emergency Center, located at 2100 W. Silver Spring, Animal Control Officers are allowed to transport stray animals to their facility when the extent of their injuries is beyond the resources available to MADACC.   

Medical records and treatment protocols are established for those animals found to be in special need.  As part of the general disease preventative maintenance program, all dogs and cats that can be safely handled are given multivalent vaccines against the most common infectious agents.   Additionally, dogs and cats are scanned for microchip identification implants and any other forms of identification are noted that may assist in the speedy recovery of a stray animal with its owner.  

As completion of admissions procedures, dogs entering the building are weighed.  Animals found, through lab fecal testing, to be in need of deworming for a specific parasite are started on treatment and given a medical record.  All puppies and kittens under 6 months of age are given a standard deworming medication for the common hook and roundworm internal parasites.

Once an impounded animal has completed the intake examination and regimen, and has been determined not to be a contagious threat to the other animals housed in the general stray population of animals, the animal is moved to a designated stray holding ward.  Unique and specifically tailored areas of the building are created for the housing and special care needs of exotics.  Animals are then held for a 7 day holding period, returned to the owner through redemption processing, or otherwise subjected to disposition in accordance with Wisconsin State Statue 173.

Transfer of Adoptable Animals
To assist in the placement of adoptable animals, cooperative efforts exist between MADACC and Milwaukee area humane societies, regional breed rescue groups, and wildlife sanctuary centers.

MADACC has a full spay/neuter surgical suite that currently provides spay/neuter for some animals adopted through our animal placement partners.

Safekeeping Program
MADACC’s animal control services are performed in close association with municipal law enforcement agencies, the Milwaukee Department of Neighborhood Services, and health departments throughout the county.  Many times
animals enter the shelter through extenuating circumstances such as house fires, owner hospitalized, owner deceased or arrested.  Through the Safekeeping Program, animals are held for longer periods of time to allow the most optimal outcome for the animal and its owner.

Site Quarantine
MADACC provides stray and owned biter animal quarantine services for the municipalities of Milwaukee County.  Biter animals are held for the ten day rabies observation period or a specimen is sent to the State Health Department.



MADACC provides euthanasia services for unwanted owned animals brought to the shelter and signed over by the owner for euthanasia request.  There is a $100.00 fee per animal for euthanasia.