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Monday - Friday 
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The Milwaukee Area Domestic Animal Control Commission provides animal rescue service personnel (Animal Control Officers) on a scheduled basis as follows:


Monday through Friday 
8:00AM - 10:30PM

Saturday and Sunday
8:00AM - 5:00PM

Holidays: Emergency Service


*Contact Number During Normal Service Hours:  (414) 649-8640

Animal Control Officers provide enforcement and rabies control services in accordance with Wisconsin State Statutes seven days a week, as well as 24 hour on-call emergency response service.   Services include rescue of stray, lost, dangerous, abandoned, sick, abused, neglected and injured animals to prevent human and animal injuries, the spread of disease and help prevent animals from becoming nuisances to the community or a burden to its citizens.  Animal control services are performed in close association with municipal law enforcement agencies, the Milwaukee Department of Neighborhood Services, and health departments throughout the county. 

During the normal service schedule of Monday through Friday there are always two fully equipped vans providing animal rescue services.  During the peak hours of demand throughout the week, two additional vehicles assist in coverage of the approximate 235 square mile area of Milwaukee County.  One Animal Control Officer is available for normal service on Saturdays and Sundays.

Services Provided:

·        Rescue of Stray Domestic and Exotic Animals

·        Rescue of Sick and Injured Domestic and Exotic Animals

·        Pickup of Bite Suspect Animals for Rabies Quarantine Observation

·        Assist Police Departments with Rescue of Seized and Safekeeping Animals for Holding

·        Limited Trapping and Capture of Domestic Animal

·        Limited Chemical Immobilization of Domestic and Exotic Animals


Emergency Services:
After hours and Holidays emergency services are available only for injured domestic animals on the street and for limited police emergencies.  Through an agreement established with the Animal Emergency Center, located at 2100 W. Silver Spring, Animal Control Officers are allowed to transport stray animals to their facility when the extent of their injuries is beyond the resources available to MADACC.  Note that this agreement is only for sick and injured stray domestic animals found on the street.  You must contact MADACC through the regular phone number, (414) 649-8640, and listen for details on how to request emergency service.


Wildlife Species:

MADACC only responds to service requests related to domestic and selected types of exotic animals.  For assistance with indigenous and migratory wildlife species, please contact Wisconsin Humane Society’s Wildlife Tip-Lines at 414-431-6137. You can then speak with a Wildlife Volunteer or staff person if you have further questions.

Cruelty Investigations:

Cruelty to animal investigations should be reported to the Police Department in the municipality where the event occurred.  In the City of Milwaukee, to report a Cruelty to Animals complaint during normal business hours Monday through Friday, please contact the Department of Neighborhood Services at (414) 286-3535.  After hours or weekends and holidays you must call the Milwaukee Police Department to report cruelty to animals.