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Click here to proceed to online licensing application.

Information You Need to Know About Licensing Online

Pet Licensing Regulation
Wisconsin State Statute174.05 requires that all dogs more than 5 months of age must be licensed within the current license year.  Milwaukee County Ordinance 26.01 requires that all cats residing within the county which are more than 5 months of age must be licensed within the current license year.

Licensing requires that the owner present evidence that the animal is currently immunized against rabies before a license may be issued.  The license year commences January 1 ending on December 31 of the licensing year.

Licensing legislation provides for the collection of a late fee imposable after March 31st of each year or if the owner failed to obtain a license within 30 days of acquiring ownership of a licensable animal.

Purchasing Pet Licenses
For your convenience an online purchase of your pet license(s) is now available.  You may use either a MasterCard or Visa credit card account to purchase your license online via a secured 128 bit encrypted connection.  The basic processes for the online purchase of a license are the same as those when purchasing through the traditional method of visiting the City Clerk's Office of your municipality:

  • collection of owner address information
  • collection of animal information
  • verification of current rabies immunization--If rabies vaccination is not current, you must have your pet vaccinated by your veterinarian and provide a current rabies certificate.  Alternatively, you may request vaccination through "One Stop" service.  Click here for more details about MADACC's One Stop services.
  • payment of licensing fee

Please make sure that you have gathered this required information before you proceed with online licensing.

All municipalities in Milwaukee County now use the same fee structure for licensing.

2015 Dog and Cat License Fees

Unaltered Altered Fees After 4/1 4/1 Late Penalty
$24.00 $12.00 $36 Unalt $18 Alt $12 Unalt $6 Alt
Note: A $1.00 processing fee is added to all online & mail-in licenses

When you click the link located above, a series of web forms will walk you through the completion of purchasing the pet license for your pet(s).  If you have received notification of license renewal directly from Milwaukee Area Domestic Animal Control Commission (MADACC) with the License Number and Person ID on the notice you can simply renew the license.  Make sure you indicate the correct type of license (new--unless as noted above), you indicate the jurisdiction where the animal is to be licensed, and you correctly select the proper license within the jurisdiction based on your pet's sex or spay/neuter status.  You will receive a confirmation receipt that the transaction was successful at the completion of checkout that you can print and optionally email up to two separate addresses.  Your credit card will be charged at that time but a Milwaukee County License Certificate/numbered receipt and tag will not be mailed until current rabies immunization is verified.  If there is no current rabies vaccination on file, MADACC will call the Veterinary Clinic that vaccinated your pet, as you indicated on the online form, to verify current rabies vaccination status.  You may fax a copy of the rabies vaccination certificate issued to you by the vaccinating veterinarian to 414-763-6234 to provide verification of vaccination but this is not a requirement for licensing.

License certificate/receipt and tag will be mailed to the address you provided on the day rabies vaccination status is verified.

Click the link at the top of this page to license your pet(s).  If you need time to gather the required information necessary to complete online licensing you may click the HOME link above and license at a later time.


  • A license application for an animal is not valid where an applicant has offered, used, or transmitted any information that is false, fraudulent, or incorrect or which misrepresents the breed, rabies tag number, vaccination date, vaccination expiration date, or the spay/neuter status of the animal, or for which the license does not belong to such animal.
  • License fees are a non refundable city fee.

If you have questions or are unsure of the licensing process, please call the shelter for clarification:

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