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Click here for on "ONE STOP" flyer.

MADACC's "ONE STOP" program provides a low-cost, convenient way for pet owners to comply with Wisconsin State Statues and be a responsible pet owner.

Rabies vaccination - $15.00
Microchip - $25.00
One Stop deal for both - $35
Cat/Dog License - varies by municipality

If pet owners' pets have a current rabies vaccination, a rabies certificate must be brought in to purchase a license. A late fee (amount varies by municipality) is charged if a license is purchased after April 1. Click here for more license information.

State law requires that all dogs and cats over five months of age be vaccinated against rabies and licensed in their municipality. The Alliance for Rabies Control states that "rabies is the most inevitably fatal disease and yet one of the easiest to prevent." The virus attacks the brain of warm blooded animals, including people. The best way to prevent the spread of rabies to humans is by keeping pets properly vaccinated.

Licensing ensures that pets are vaccinated against rabies, provides owner identification for each pet, and provides funds to MADACC for the rescue, shelter and care of stray, mistreated, unwanted, abandoned and injured animals. Licenses are also a ticket home for lost pets! When stray animals enter MADACC with identification, staff can immediately contact the owner to notify them of their lost pet. Licensed pets entering MADACC also receive emergency care if needed and reduced fees upon redemption.

Microchipping pets is a simple, inexpensive way to permanently identify your pet and provides less chance that someone will steal your pet and get away with it. All animals that enter MADACC are scanned for a microchip. 

For more information or to make an appointment, please call 414-649-8640