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It is required by law for all dog and cat owners in Milwaukee County to license their pets. Simply stated, a tagged animal is much easier to reunite with his/her owner.

All municipalities in Milwaukee County now use the same fee structure for licensing.

2015 Dog and Cat License Fees

Unaltered Altered Fees After 4/1 4/1 Late Penalty
$24.00 $12.00 $36 Unalt $18 Alt $12 Unalt $6 Alt
Note: A $1.00 processing fee is added to all online & mail-in licenses

At MADACC, we offer a convenient way to license, vaccinate against rabies (required for a pet license) and microchip through our "ONE STOP" program. Online pet licensing is also available on our website. 

  • Click here for online pet licensing.
  • Click here for a list of vets MADACC partners with to sell pet licenses.

Why is it important to get a pet license? 
Wisconsin State Statute requires that all dogs and cats over five months of age must have a current rabies tag and license tag-it's the law! Pet licenses are considered permits mandating specified responsibility and privileges of ownership. Licenses provide identification for your pet's protection and safety and can help assure that you can be reunited with your lost pet. Licensed pets entering MADACC also receive emergency care if needed and reduced fees upon redemption.

Pet licenses also provide funding for the rescue, shelter and care for the County's lost, injured, abandoned and mistreated animals. They also provide important information on dog populations in cities and can affect how government resources are allocated to fund dog related programs.

When does my pet license expire? 
Your pet's license expires December 31st each year. If your pet has a three year rabies vaccination, you must renew the county pet license each year.

What happens if I lose my license tag? 
Current pet license tags can be replaced at MADACC for $2.

MADACC encourages all pet owners to microchip their pets.  MADACC provides this service low-cost for $25, which includes registration.  Microchipping pets is a simple, inexpensive way to permanently identify your pet and provides less chance that someone will steal your pet and get away with it.  All animals that enter MADACC are scanned for a microchip.