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Milwaukee Area Domestic Animal Control Commission

Animal Placement Program



Policies and Procedures

Program Purpose

The goal of MADACC’s Animal Placement Program (MAPP) is to maximize and expedite the transfer of adoptable and potentially adoptable animals to shelters and breed placement groups.


 Adoptable animal:

Based on health and behavioral assessments, the animal is determined to be healthy, friendly, and a good candidate for adoption.

Potentially adoptable animal:

The animal is not currently ready for adoption, but may be with a reasonable commitment of time, effort, or medical care outside the shelter setting.  These animals may include those who are too young or too shy, are sick or injured, have special needs, or come from an environment with poor behavioral training.

Non-adoptable animal:

The animal is a danger to the public, other animals, or itself due to disease, injury, other infirmities, or behavioral reasons. Euthanasia is the most humane alternative for the animal.

Eligibility Requirements for Program Partners

  • Program partners must submit a completed MAPP Application, which includes information regarding veterinary services and adoption, sterilization and euthanasia policies. The application must be reviewed and approved by MADACC.

  • Program partners must have a mandatory spay/neuter policy for all adoptable animals (unless it is not recommended by a veterinarian for health reasons).

  • Program partners must provide proper housing and veterinary care for animals, and foster homes must follow licensing and limitations laws established by their local municipalities.  Program partners must comply with all federal, state and local animal and animal welfare laws.

  • Program partners must agree that animals transferred from MADACC will not be used for experimental research, resale or commercial purposes, or for any use other than adoption as a companion animal (family pet, assistance, therapy or service animal).

  • Program partners must conduct a pre-adoption assessment with each individual(s) interested in adopting an animal(s) including, but not limited to:

  • Disclosure of any previous citations or convictions regarding federal, state or municipal animal codes

  • Disclosure of the number of dogs and/or cats already owned, so local animal ordinance limits are not violated

  • Program partners will provide an adoption contract for adopters that require dogs and cats be sterilized, inoculated against rabies, licensed according to local and state laws and require the animal owner to abide by all state, county, and municipal ordinances regarding animal ownership.

  • Program partners must provide MADACC with the names and contact information of the agency representative(s) that are authorized to select, pull and transport animals.  Only authorized representatives presenting a picture I.D. will be allowed to enter the MADACC shelter and perform these activities.

  • Program partners cannot pull animals for other organizations unless authorized by MADACC’s Shelter Supervisor.

General Guidelines

Holding Period

Animals are held at MADACC for 7 days to give an owner a chance to reunite with their lost pet

  • Ex: Animal enters MADACC on the 1st

  • Held until business close on the 7th

  • Becomes MADACC’s property and available for transfer on the 8th

Available Animals

  • Animals who become the legal property of MADACC will qualify for transfer to the program partners.  MADACC reserves the right to determine if an animal is considered non-adoptable.

  • Available animals may or may not have been evaluated by MADACC staff.  It is up to the placement partner to evaluate animals entering their adoption programs.  MADACC requires organizations to sign a Transfer of Ownership Form (see attached form) upon the release of an animal to any organization, relinquishing MADACC of any future liabilities related to the animal or its caretakers.

  • A daily email listing of all animals available for transfer can be provided if requested.

Communications with MADACC Staff

 The best way to communicate with MADACC staff is through email

For emergencies or appointment changes, call 414.649.8640 and ask for a Vet Tech

MADACC Office staff answers phones:

Monday – Friday, 8:00 am to 11:00 pm
Saturday & Sunday, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm
Closed holidays (Vet Tech staff present and available through email)

Program Partners will receive:

  • A vaccination and sterilization history, if known, for an animal upon transfer

  • Veterinary Services at reduced rates (see attached fee schedule)

  • Priority on our spay/neuter schedule for MADACC animals

For Additional Information about the MAPP Program or for Qualifying and Registering Your Animal Placement Agency, Please Contact:

Lorraine Sweeney
Shelter Supervisor

For a printable Animal Placement Program Partner Application click on this link.