Watch dogs speak out themselves against dog fighting.





BAD uses a grassroots approach to community organizing to reach the greatest possible audience. We engage community members through educational events, vaccination clinics, spay/neuter events, graffiti contests, hip-hop concerts, block parties, and rallies. Many events will include community partnering members. BAD will expand our outlets as far as it takes to confront cruelty and get the message out against dogfighting in Milwaukee.

Our community outreach focuses on educational events to convey the importance animal welfare by showing the interconnectedness between violence against animals and violence against people. BAD believes that teaching compassion and respect for companions animals can prevent violence before it starts. Our goal is to empower and inspire all members of the community, not just animal lovers—that’s how BAD can really push forward in Milwaukee toward communities that won’t tolerate dogfighting.

BAD distributes educational literature and also spreads the word about the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) reward fund, which offers up to $5,000 awards for tips leading to a dogfighting ring bust. We also participate in neighborhood walks and block watch programs.

Visit our Events page for more information on upcoming events.

Do you know a community program willing to co-host a BAD event, or have an idea for a fun outreach event in your community? Contact Us and let us know!