Watch dogs speak out themselves against dog fighting.





Using a humane, anti-dogfighting curriculum developed for middle and high school students, BAD gives presentations to youth throughout Milwaukee. Presentations incorporate dialogue on dogfighting and animal cruelty into games, activities, and projects. The curriculum can be modified and worked into a multitude of classroom situations. Our humane education program consists of one time presentations, ongoing classes, and community workshops at a variety of Milwaukee Public Schools, alternative schools, and community centers. The BAD team also communicates the details of the HSUS reward fund, and incorporates involvement from MADACC animal control officers and breed ambassador dogs.

Contact Us if you are interested in having us come to present at your school, outreach program, or community center.BAD educates young pit bulls owners to foster more positive interactions with their dogs. Our program specifically targets youth in high risk neighborhoods and tailors our messages to emphasize behavior modification - we don’t just tell youth no to fight dogs, we work with them so they stop abusing animals and we provide positive alternative activities. We bring in positive role models that tell youth what they CAN do and supply an array of positive recreational activity choices. We foster hope by helping them come to the realization that they are capable of much more than they have ever dreamed possible! We engage them so they can rise above their circumstances and become champions and help us end the distress of these animals…to help Battle Against Dogfighting! 

YMCA’s Humane Education Leadership Program (YHELP)

Program Organizer, Jill Brown explains the harsh reality of dogfighting in Milwaukee and how students can help make a difference locally
Through a special partnership with YMCA’s YHELP, BAD volunteers give presentations to students on how dogfighting hurts both dogs and communities, the serious consequences of dogfighting, and how dogfighting is represented in the media and pop culture. BAD helps empower YHELP teens to promote promote compassion and respect towards all living things. YHELP students serve as humane ambassadors in their own communities by giving anti-dogfighting presentations, both independently and alongside BAD.